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I’ve become a huge fan of WordPress lately. Its backend platform runs this blog and  a number of other sites I’ve developed for clients lately. I’ve worked with and built a number of website content management systems in my day and none of them were without their flaws. It seems like they either lack the options I’m looking for, or are too complex for my clients to manage. Its no good if they spend all their time trying to figure it out! Several I’ve made have worked out fine, but its quite an undertaking for just one developer.

Enter WordPress 2.7. I’m very impressed. Earlier this year I started writing my own CMS system, but its taken a back seat to WordPress. Adding plugins and writing custom skins for it has been super-easy to master, and the interface is nice and light. Just wait- soon Colorado will be swarming with elegant sites of all shapes and sizes all running on WordPress.

I’ll be the Colorado WordPress master! Interested in learning more about WordPress or data-driven websites? Check out my portfolio or contact me.

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