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A few weeks ago I did some icon sets for a customer of mine, Mortgage Training Institute, for their new video conferencing product LivePresenter. I drew them from scratch in Illustrator.

LivePresenter Icons

LivePresenter Icons

I love jumping back and forth between development and design- they’re totally different thought processes. I always think of design more like painting a blank canvas and the real challenge is to come up with that one big idea, whereas development is more like assembling a puzzle- the artwork is complete, but I have to come up with the most efficient way to put the pieces in order.

Overall I’m pleased with the icon set and I think the MTI guys were as well- however I’d prefer it if they chose my “robo professor” (even though it doesn’t really fit their audience). Check out a better pic of them in my portfolio under illustration.

I also designed and developed a site, a simple Silverlight player and a series of layouts for their toolsets. More info on that later.

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