Money Plants Say Outcome Uncertain

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I have these braided Japanese tea plants (often called “money trees”) in my apartment, and they seem to have an eerie correlation with my business. A friend one mine once said he thought he could track my progress based on which plant was doing what. If the big one lost some leaves- it looks like long-term money flow will drop. If the short plant gained a new stalk- big money this month!


Japanese "Money" Plants

That being said it looks like the plants say “outcome uncertain”. My big one has lost a lot of leaves lately, but the small one is growing like gangbusters. I don’t do anything different to encourage any of this change.

Its funny- since I’ve quit my “real” job and restarted my consulting company that seems about right. Not as much long-term cash, but some months are big. Lets hope the plants know what they’re talking about and I land a whale this month!

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