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This is my first blog entry and I figured I’d start off with a casual mission statement:

Primarily this blog will serve as a vessel to release recent updates related to VectorDefector. These will more than likely be in the format of a casual case study but may also branch out into new technology I’m in to, big happenings in the industry and entirely random crap that I think is awesome.

My business [VectorDefector], while established loosely in 2001 and again in 2004, has recently been revived to usher in a new era of web design, graphic design, custom web applications and whatever else crosses my plate that is fun, entertaining (and profitable!). I function on some basic fundemental principals: Make it work great and make it look great. I’m fast, efficient, educated and driven to make the best possible solutions for my customers while maintaining the quickest turn-around this side of the Mississip!

If that sounds good to you, check out my portfolio at https://vectordefector.com and lets get started on something bold!

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