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I read an interesting article at PCWorld.com today about printer ink sent by Eric at IndieArsenal. This investigative article shows some interesting methods for testing just how much ink is really left in the cartridges and how much that ink actually ends up costing you over the course of owning your printer.

One fact I found especially interesting- on average, a gallon of printer ink costs $4731! Given a gallon is a lot considering most cartridges only contain 8-10 milliliters, but that sure puts paying $3 for a gallon of gas into perspective.

My Shiny New Printer

My Shiny New Printer

I think this is a great article. I just recently purchased an all-in-one printer for around $60. Less than 5 years ago, that price would’ve been unheard of, however the replacement ink costs almost $30 a pop- about half the cost of the printer. Maybe there’s something to those little shops that refill your old cartridges…

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