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Psystar Clones Macs (Gets Pants Sued Off?)

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I read an interesting article today over at Yahoo! tech. Apparently the company Psystar is marketing a Mac OSX compatible desktop that is essentially a Mac clone for far cheaper.

I found this article fascinating as I had never heard of an official company making and distributing “Mac clones”. My question is- what took so long? The term IBM-PC clone has been around for almost 20 years now. Rumor has it Mac is suing Psystar too. I suppose if I had a distribution monopoly on something as large as the Mac brand, I’d want to sue the cloners too.

Given you could always build your own machine and put whatever operating system you wanted on it (like my Frankenstein machine), but this is one of the first I’ve heard of in mass production. Head over to Psystar’s website if you want to read more.

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