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You Know the Economy is Bad When…

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This weekend I received a report on some of my financial investments and much to my amusement, in addition to information about my losses, my finances crew sent me a comprehensive guide to stress relief. I guess you know what state the economy is in when your finance advisers have to become mental health professionals to keep their customers from going nuts.

I made my first real investments a little over a year ago back when I had a “real” job, and have to say I’m not so pleased with the results so far. Those little red “loss” numbers just keep climbing every day. I’m literally banking on President Obama to turn this economy around.

I do believe, however, its been a mixed blessing for my business. Since the economy is in a down turn I’ve seen a rise in people hiring temp/contract agents to get work done and when things are looking down, people are often opt to go for cheap marketing methods to boost their business. Viva freelance graphic and web design!

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