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I am very upset with Internet Explorer 6 today. Given, I’m often angry at Internet Explorer products, but today I’m especially perturbed. I’ve become increasingly dissatisfied with the fact that its one of the final remaining browsers I still need to design completely separate. More against its case: while it still covers around 16-20% of the market* (!!), Microsoft no longer distributes or updates it (in fact, it doesn’t even run on Vista).

Browser compatibility had always been an issue for web developers, causing me great pain (or more likely annoyance), over the numerous years I’ve been dealing with it. We’ve come into a great new period of layout in CSS with working coverage around 80% of browsers meaning very little work is needed to make more modern sites compatible, but its very discouraging to keep dealing with the stragglers like IE even after Microsoft has all but dumped it!

*I get my stats from W3C Schools and Wikipedia.

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