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I’ve been very pleased to say I’ve been bidding and contracting for more and more jobs that involve both design and development this year. When I re-established my business, it was one of my goals to be the most well-rounded creative professional I could be and admittedly had some rusty spots- design being one of them as it wasn’t a huge part of my last job and practice makes perfect.

I proud to say a lot of my designs and logo illustrations are really coming around. I’ve always thought my metaphor for design was painting on a large blank canvas and the idea is to get one great idea; whereas in development its more like putting a big puzzle together- the painting is already there, you just have to figure out the most efficient order in which to put the pieces together.

It all seems to be relating together well this month. Three cheers for covering all bases: design, development, search optimization and streaming media! Case studies to follow soon.

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