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WordpressSo I’ve been throwing the “W” word around a lot lately, and I’ve got to say there’s a solid foundation behind it. Let it be known- I love the WordPress platform! Coming from a guy who’s sampled a dozen different content management toolsets and even developed a number of my own, that’s a resounding vote of confidence.

In my mind, the two biggest aspects of using a CMS are: it has to be easy to use and it has to be flexible enough to tackle unique designs. By mastering the ability to create my own skins and custom plugins, I’ve been able to accomplish both of those facets quickly and effectively- with some new plugins developed lately that utilize WordPress data in Flash. The final bonus- since this is free software it benefits both myself and my clients: they essentially get the exact site they’re looking for with the ability to update it for free!

Keep an eye out for more WordPress updates – I’ll have some neat new sites posted soon and may be presenting a quick ‘Press seminar at IndieArsenal in the new future.

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