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I had an interesting chat with Eric Nance and Neil Corman, associates of mine and  members of IndieArsenal, during our happy hour meeting last week regarding making some improvements to the IA website. They had a great idea of adding a map that lists upcoming events with a visual indicator of priority and a member listing that lets the viewer sort members by their businesses.

I dig it! While I’ve only done really basic work with Google maps before, I think this should be a snap with some fancy AJAX work. I’ve begun a prototype of it already and plan to continue doing work on it this week. So far I’ve been impressed with the ease-of-use of all of Google’s APIs (despite the stereo-instruction-like documentation).

Later I’m going to set it up as a plugin for ExpressionEngine (their content management system) to re-use the existing user data from the IndieArsenal website. Stay tuned- We’ll post it as soon as I’m done!

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