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8 is the Magic Number?

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Wow, after updating and reviewing my project management system organIZE, it looks like I have eight open projects this month. Given most of these are mini-sites, design jobs, and small e-commerce solutions but it sure is nice to have a variety of customers and projects to work with. Its my continuing goal to keep a wide range of business interests as well as a wide range of services that can help my customers’ businesses succeed!

I’m continuing to offer the same great service at rediculously quick turn-around time:

  • Customer Edit-able content driven websites (and hosting/security)
  • Simple-to-use e-commerce solutions (and accompanying payment systems)
  • Branding and Designs of all sorts
  • Custom solutions for existing/out-of-box softwares
  • Numerous website accessories and mini-marketing ideas

Feel free to give me a ring or email me if you want to jump on the bandwagon and a get a great web solution!

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