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After looking for a few quickie gigs via some online community sites and after reading this article on Yahoo! jobs, its hard to believe some people can make a living in this country.

According to that Yahoo! article, half of the lowest paying jobs in america are in the medical profession. They’ll pull your mangled body from your car and resuscitate you back to life and may be doing it for as little as $9 per hour. That’s ridiculous.

I was taken aback by a lot of the designer-developer positions that required degrees and at least a dozen skill-sets that were also booked around the $12-$15 per hour range. How does one pay off that $60k education at $12 / hr? If you spent every dime you earned on it and never took a vacation day, it’d still take almost 3 years.

Kinda makes me wonder where our priorities lie- but we all have to remember: you get what you pay for.

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