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2010 in Full Swing

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Well its a new year and I’m happy to say, last year turned out quite well. For being in business anew for less than 2 years, VectorDefector has grown at an amazing pace! I now have a steady set of great repeat clients, both agencies and individuals and have accomplished a wide range of projects from simple branding, to innovative streaming advertising solutions to large-scale corporate e-commerce.

That being said, I’m hoping 2010 is even bigger! VectorDefector will continue to offer its acclaimed customer service, attention to detail and quick and easy solutions to your web needs along with new additional services for Search Engine Optimization, Custom Content Management and E-Commerce toolsets, Newsletter / Subscriptions, and Credit Card & Security processing.

More updates about the first projects of this year will be forthcoming- thanks to all last years client’s for a great experience!

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