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Future of Aps and Social Media?

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After reading an amazing article at MediaBistro, I feel like I’ve had an insight into the future of mobile aps and social media. Detailed in the article, a Swedish tech company has developed software that integrates image mapping and facial recognition into a mobile application that allows users to link their face to their social media profiles. By using the camera on your smart-phone, you could then scan someones face and retrieve all of their Facebook,  Twitter, LinkedIn, etc data all at once.

I always feel like new technology like this is exciting and scary at the same time. At the rate information is indexed in our modern times, I often assume everything I’ve ever typed is open for public search- which can be somewhat jarring. On the flip side, our mobile devices now have 10 times the computing power ever imagined by Star Trek communicators taking place in the year 2250!

The future of mobile devices, mobile applications and social media will only continue to grow from here!

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