Wii Fit Gets Tom's Approval

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Wii Fit w/ Balance Board

Like most folks, I put on a little extra poundage during the holidays and was looking for a good way to trick myself into exercising more. I had recently purchased a Nintendo Wii when a good Black Friday deal presented itself and figured I’d give the Fit and balance board a shot.

I have to say, its worked out quite well. Opposed to summer when I spend my lunch time walking, winter I spend a lot of time right here in front of the computer getting an overwhelming lack of exercise. Not being much of a gym (or motivation) kind of guy, the Wii Fit has been a fun and easy way to force myself into getting a minimum amount of exercise while the weather remains gloomy.

The activities are presented in a fun way that makes it seem less like a workout and more like a game, which is perfect for me. I’m happy to say I’ve lost my holiday weight (and more!), reduced my waistline a bit and have much more energy in the afternoon from using my Fit around 30 minutes a day every day.

Given its not a solution to drop a ton of weight nor will it get you in olympic shape, but if you’re having trouble motivating yourself to lose a few LBS, give the Wii Fit a shot!

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