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Congress & DOJ Take On Internet Data Privacy

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Congress & DOJ Take On Internet Data Privacy

Net Privacy

G4Tv’s tech show, Attack of the Show, spurred an interesting discussion regarding the Dept. of Justice’s recent initiative to determine if ISPs should require data-retention.

What could that mean for us citizens? Essentially if this bill passes, your service provider (such as Comcast), would be required to keep a log of which IP numbers are associated with subscribers. If the Dept. of Justice happens to think you’re up to something malicious, they’d be able to utilize your ISP to link your web activity to your physical address to find out who you are.

As a developer who constantly fights with spammers drowning my customers’ blogs, I definitely see a plus side to this from a security standpoint. I’d love to nail a spammer or two to their activities, but this seems like a huge amount of resources that could be better used elsewhere. In my opinion,  as a whole, the government has bigger and badder things to do than to track where my IP shows up.

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