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HTML5 Standard by 2014?

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HTML5 Standard by 2014?


A new article posted on CNET’s “Deep Tech” section outlines the W3C’s plans for officially making HTML5 the standard web language by 2014. Enforcing this standard may be tough since the W3C is more like the UN- lots of consensus but no real power.

HTML5 has some great new toolsets built specifically for new “web 2.0” applications- easy forms and social implementation and a lot of universal built-in coding for video; so much that a lot of plugin aps are going to be a thing of the past. Sorry, Flash and Quicktime.

While I’ve dabbled with HTML5, without that compliance component, I feel the benefits are currently lacking. The same issues I have making my code work with every possible piece of web tech out there could potentially still exist with HTML5 if not every browser accepts it (or if folks don’t update). Fortunately I think the future date will give people plenty of time to upgrade their systems.

Read more about the W3C and their HTML5 Press Release.

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