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The Summer of Touchpads!

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The Summer of Touchpads!

ipad 2

As anyone who’s into tech (or even just Apple gadgets) knows the iPad 2 is releasing today, March 12 and will be lining up around the block at the local apple dealer to snag one. Maxing out at $829 for the most expensive model, I’d say Apple can plan on making more bank on this release – amazingly close to the release of their first iPad.

In addition to the new iPad, a plethora of over-priced touch devices will be flooding the market this summer including the new Motorola Xoom, Dell’s new Inspiron Tablet, HP’s Touchpad and numerous others. I deem this the summer of touchpads!

While I admit I won’t be participating in this new phenomenon as being mobile isn’t an essential part of my lifestyle, nor do I wish to invest in a pricey device that will be replaced by a better one next year, I do think its refreshing that we’re seeing American industry create a whole new market!


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