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More Social Media Engagement on Thurs, Fri

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More Social Media Engagement on Thurs, Fri
Social Networks

Social Networks

According to an article posted on Yahoo! news and Mashable today, new studies are showing that Thursdays and Fridays may be the best days for businesses to interact with social media.

Studies produced by Buddy Media and Hubspot indicate a possible 18% increase in viewership on Facebook and Twitter growing at the end of the week. Their reasoning: people are starting to check out at the end of the week and spend more time browsing social networks. Furthermore, both companies note Monday as being a possible poor day to post business-related social network messages since its actually the most popular day for social network activity resulting in messages getting lost in the conversation threads.

While this doesn’t necessarily translate to traffic to a website, I encourage clients who utilize their social networks for marketing to keep this in mind. Fire off one last marketing message before heading out for the weekend and see how it returns!


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