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Recent Security Breaches: Change Your Password!

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Recent Security Breaches: Change Your Password!

Change Your Password!

This week, Sony’s Playstation Network was hacked on an unbelievably large scale resulting in outages of content, issues with online game play and, in some cases, users reporting missing dollars in their accounts.

As networks continue to grow and store our information for convenience, its important to remember that a lot of information is being stored about you on a day to day basis. While this is by no means malicious (and in fact adds to convenience), users need to remember to be careful. Make sure to choose a good password that is composed of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and even punctuation. Also try to minimize the amount of truely personal information that you share with these networks – that information is stored and can always, in the worst case scenarios, be stolen.

Personally, I made sure to remove any extra stored credit info from my XBOX Live account. While it makes life easier, I’d prefer to withold a little convenience for safety. And if you’re still using “admin” as your password, now is as good of a time as any to make that change!

Check out this article posted on Yahoo! Tech news today about some of the worst digital security breaches in history; many have taken place within the last 5 years.

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