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A Video Explanation of SOPA / ACTA

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A Video Explanation of SOPA / ACTA

A topic of much discussion this week, the SOPA or Stop Online Piracy Act, is an unfair solution to a problem we can all agree exists. The U.S. government is currently debating censoring the sharing of intellectual properties owned by the entertainment industry by blocking ANY websites that they believe use their products without their permission with penalties as high as jail time. A tandem act is also being discussed which essentially could allow the government to block access to international sites as they choose. Below is a video explanation of these acts, describing the ACTA initiative – a conceptual global document that outlines SOPA-like bills around the world:

I wholeheartedly agree that online piracy and copyright infringement is an issue that needs to be handled, but policing the entire web and treating us all as if we were criminals is a step too far. I recommend anyone who agrees to check out this list of companies who support SOPA and discontinue your business with them.

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