Hire an Expert to Improve Your Website Security

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Hire an Expert to Improve Your Website Security

So, you’ve started your business and have your website up and running – that’s great!

However, even some of the classiest looking and highest-ranking -themed websites, especially popular WordPress, Shopify and Wix sites, are totally lacking “out of the box” in one major aspect: security.

What Makes a Website Secure?

What does it mean to have a “secure” website for your business? These days it’s more than just having a proper SSL security certificate installed; it requires taking extra steps to make sure your data, your content, and the overall health of your website stay intact.

While many mainstream online service agencies still consider businesses “grey market,” it can be even more difficult to get the kind of protection necessary to safeguard your website. You may have an on-site security team, cameras on your grow, and your cash safely locked away–while your website is wide open to vulnerabilities.

What can you do to make sure you’re covered? Hire a professional. Or even better, before you build your website, hire an expert team who have security in mind as a part of their overall strategy – like VectorDefector!

Preventing Spam and Bots

Preventing bots and spammers is often one of the most difficult and annoying aspects of having a website. Have problems with junk emails, forms coming in through your website with total garbage in the fields, or have lots of meaningless comments in your social media feed? These are signs that your website has a problem with bots or spam.

With a few simple steps to ensure you make contact with actual users and not programs, a website expert can help you filter only the contacts you want to hear from. Whether it’s the forms on your website and social media, or an inbox that has become too cluttered to manage, a website security expert can help untangle the mess.

Overwhelming traffic and backlinking from bots and spam can also impact your SEO (search engine optimization) bottom line. Ignoring the problem long term can bog down your website and lose ranking over time.

Stopping Hacking & Virus Attempts

Even worse than spam are the dreaded hacking attempts that can result in your website getting a virus or locking you out of your own site. Website experts can recommend things that will keep your website from being a tasty target for hackers. Added security steps include ensuring you have secure passwords, server-level blocking, software-level firewalls, and ongoing traffic monitoring and notifications. Websites, especially WordPress sites, have seen a huge uptick in bots and hackers looking to break their security in order to lift user’s information and to collect content and data. Make sure the content and product data that makes your business unique are protected from intrusion!

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Working with website experts who have experience in the industry can help prevent a lot of headaches and ensure that your website is protected. Don’t lose years of original content because your website isn’t secure, or because navigating IT support is just too hard to talk your way through. Consult an expert who can break down those doors and connect you with the kind of technology that works with you and not against you.

Keeping Your Operation Running Smoothly

Because digital advertising can be such a labyrinth, your website is often the best place to create original content and drive sales and traffic. That can also make it a honeypot for hackers and spammers since it is the central location of all of your good information.

When your business banks on collecting sales and leads through your website, the nightmare scenario is waking up to a website that’s mysteriously offline. When your website isn’t up and running, it means leads lost every hour.

By having a website security expert on your side, you can be sure your website is backed-up, monitored, and secured. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that none of those valuable contacts will slip through the cracks and that your competitors aren’t beating you because your site looks or performs like it’s broken.

With today’s modern technology, building and setting up a website can be easier than ever. But, with more sophisticated hacking, bots, and spam flooding the market, especially for sites, having a website security expert in your corner is a definite safeguard against the internet’s unknown!


Ready to take your security up a notch or get started with a website that has a security-forward approach? Contact us today!

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