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WordPress 3.8 “Parker”

This week on Thursday, announced their release of their latest version, 3.8 “Parker”. Named after another famous jazz artist (Charlie Parker), this version of WordPress has received a major facelift to its administrative site.

Along with fixing a couple minor errors that probably only annoyed me, the WordPress crew has updated their admin to be more user friendly, updatable and more responsive to different device sizes.

This means even easier, faster, more effective content editing.

Since all WordPress themes and custom plugins are built using official WordPress coding standards, I highly encourage my clients to download and check out the new version for themselves!


Burnett & Thomason

Burnett & Thomason is a boutique law-firm after my own style: the national reach and sophisticated experience of a large firm and the personal attention and value of a small boutique. Specializing in oil, gas and mineral law, they have 38 attorneys who represent clients in 8 different states.

This clean custom designed website features a new modern look, practice-representative photography and a custom energy news feed.


Slate Creek Records

Upon the success of the website project for country artist Neal McCoy, new record label Slate Creek Records partnered with me to create a stylish new website designed to feature their up-and-coming stars in independent country music.

This fully custom site features: a hand made custom theme created to showcase full-size artist photos and a custom artist section geared toward news and highlights. Congrats to both artists Neal McCoy and Brandy Clark on the successes of their latest album releases!


Troy Horne

Local creative / artist Troy Horne wears a lot of hats: from non-profits, to creative writing, to marketing and music, Troy does it all. This website was built to focus specifically on Troy’s music career and his latest album: I AM – an eclectic mix of pop, rock and reggae.

A hand-built custom theme, an automated tour section w/ Google maps, and custom store and audio system customized from TopSpin were developed to spread Troy’s vision.


Conscious Alliance 3.0

Conscious Alliance is a non-profit and long-term partner that focuses on spreading good vibes- through utilizing concert events and merchandise to fund and promote awareness of food banks and food drives for the underprivileged. This year we release version 3.0 of the Conscious Alliance site, with graphics generously provided by Anthem Branding.

This newly designed and upgraded website strives to draw a wider appeal for Conscious Alliance’s growing audience and community.

An updated custom e-commerce solution features a simple backend management toolset to organize and sort posters and their prices, a front-end poster gallery with an in-page ordering system, and options to make recurring donations through a secure payment gateway.


Neal McCoy

Country music all-star Neal McCoy and his brand new team at Slate Creek Records partnered with me and my associate Doug Koke at to create a a stylish new website branded around the release of his new album: Pride – A Tribute to Charley Pride.

This fully custom site features: a state-of-the-art custom theme, feeds from multiple social mediums, an automated tour section and a customized theme for Neal’s merch powered by Big Cartel stores.


The Enchanted Biscuit

The Enchanted Biscuit is a small local bakery that provides hand-made, high-quality natural snacks for dogs, specifically those visiting 4-5 star hotels and lodges. Their love and passion for their pets can be seen in the quality of their products as well as the caliber of their partnerships with local rescue animals and adoption agencies.

This simple, clean website features a hand-made design incorporating the custom logo work provided by their in-house designer as well as a custom slideshow and e-commerce to come.


Pure Wood Flooring

Hailing from Vail, Colorado, the owners of the Pure Wood Flooring are woodworking masters. From flooring to ceilings, hand-made furniture and everything in between, Pure Wood Flooring, Pure Woodworking and Pure Furniture Design are a family of businesses that can deliver this goods.

This 3-pack of websites for the three branches of the Pure Wood business features hand-designed logos and three related custom-made website themes featuring awe-inspiring photography of the Pure Wood brand.  A flyer for print collateral was completed as well.


Rocky Mountain Caps

Working again with the fabulously creative Doug Koke at Site07 Creative rendered awesome results once again in Rocky Mountain Local Denver creators of hand-sewn custom designs, Rocky Mountain Caps specializes in highly customized “surgical” style caps popular among doctors, veterinarians, hospital patients and motorcycle fans.

This custom e-commerce website features: professional photography and a hand-drawn design by Site07, an easy-to-update content and product interface, and a custom “Design Your Own” application that allows you to make your own cap by choosing from 1000s of possible options.

Working in tandem with the insurance experts at created an online community that allows visitors to rate their health insurance plans. With the 2014 changes coming to health insurance, now will be a better time than ever to shop the market- at you’ll be able to compare real plans rated by real people.

This simple, clean website features easy to update content, a brand new look and feel for the Calhealth brand, and a custom rating and input system for health plans.


The good folks at Thrive Team specialize in lifestyle products and coaching by teaching their clients to actively pursue: great health, smart wealth and positive relationships. Through dietary supplements, proper diet and exercise and financial coaching, the Thrive Team has helped a wide variety of people realize their full potential.

This simple, yet classy site features: easy to update content managed by WordPress, a purposefully tailored pre-designed template theme and integration with their propriety customer management toolset.

Journey to Renewal

Local author Sue Mohrman collaborated with me and her designer, Corvus Designs, to establish a web presence for her brand new memoir: Journey to Renewal. Sue’s novel explores her horrible year-long bout with cancer and the change and renewal that came along with getting well.

This simple website is mainly a blog featuring entries related to Sue’s topic of pain and renewal, but also features details about the author and a manner to purchase the book through local Denver bookstore Tattered Cover.

Go pick up a copy and let Sue’s new-found positivity give you a pick-me-up!