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2014 Updates

2014 Updates

Wow! After a stressful 2013 and a fantastic 2014 (so far), its been a very long time since I’ve updated this website.

Starting this month, I’ll be launching a new series of updates and including new case-studies in my portfolio, the most interesting of which I’ll also be placing on the blog.

I’ve also recently launched a brand new version of this site’s theme. While its not a departure in design, it has been updated to be fully responsive for mobile, along with an entirely new streamlined method to develop my websites (both topics I’ll be delving into more later).



The Enchanted Biscuit

The Enchanted Biscuit is a small local bakery that provides hand-made, high-quality natural snacks for dogs, specifically those visiting 4-5 star hotels and lodges. Their love and passion for their pets can be seen in the quality of their products as well as the caliber of their partnerships with local rescue animals and adoption agencies.

This simple, clean website features a hand-made design incorporating the custom logo work provided by their in-house designer as well as a custom slideshow and e-commerce to come.

Wedding Site

I’m ecstatic to announce next year my long time partner in life, Kelly Sinclair, and I will be getting married! Kelly is an expert editor and copywriter and is working on her first novel. We’re both freelancers and often partner on projects.

We’ve selected the new History Colorado museum as our venue and plan to do something fun and classic. This website reflects our vision and features brief info about our date, registry choices and an RSVP section.

Please check up on us as we’ll be adding more info soon!


Happy New Year everyone! 2011 was a great year for VectorDefector and I’m hoping 2012 is even better!

In addition to continuing to provide the best possible customer care, eye for design and quality working products, VectorDefector will be releasing a few new services and products throughout the year: new “tag-along” mini sites specifically designed to work well with mobile devices, a new e-commerce package for folks seeking a total e-commerce store solution, and expanded features on our already great editable designs.

I also anticipate several new launches to kick off the new year, so please come back and check out our latest and greatest collaborations!