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VectorDefector T-Shirts

In an effort to help me expand my branding, the good folks at Soapoint Graphics have assisted me in designing and printing VectorDefector stickers and t-shirts.

Its pretty awesome to have my own branded apparel!

Contact me if you’re interested in purchasing one for $10.

XBOX 360 Elite

Recently, my XBOX 360 faced the dreaded red ring of death error and was rendered useless; much to my dismay on a bitter cold and low-work week.

After weighing my options, I decided to just replace my existing XBOX with an older, yet slightly upgraded Elite model since stock of their new cheaper model was supposedly sold out until March.

I have to say, transferring my data from the old XBOX to the new one was an absolute breeze. The original style hard-drives hot-swapped like a charm (just press a button to pop it out) and were easy to back up settings on a USB stick drive. Navigating through the menus to restore my settings, both user and Netflix, was equally easy.

Now if they could only get Windows working as smooth…

Net Privacy

G4Tv’s tech show, Attack of the Show, spurred an interesting discussion regarding the Dept. of Justice’s recent initiative to determine if ISPs should require data-retention.

What could that mean for us citizens? Essentially if this bill passes, your service provider (such as Comcast), would be required to keep a log of which IP numbers are associated with subscribers. If the Dept. of Justice happens to think you’re up to something malicious, they’d be able to utilize your ISP to link your web activity to your physical address to find out who you are.

As a developer who constantly fights with spammers drowning my customers’ blogs, I definitely see a plus side to this from a security standpoint. I’d love to nail a spammer or two to their activities, but this seems like a huge amount of resources that could be better used elsewhere. In my opinion,  as a whole, the government has bigger and badder things to do than to track where my IP shows up.

The time has finally come!

Today, version 3.0 of was launched. This remodeled version of my original design has been permanently re-worked to enhance: compatibility with new browsers and devices, showcasing of projects new and old, and ease of navigation between sections.

The old NewsReel blog has also been moved to be included with the new site.

Have a look around, check out my newly organized work and review my services to see how VectorDefector can help you!

Viva Cozumel!

I’m happy to announce, for the first time in many years, I will be taking a hiatus from work to take an actual bona-fide, away-from-technology vacation from March 4th to March 10th. Kelly and I will be visiting beautiful Cozumel, Mexico to enjoy some much needed R&R away from the computer and the local arctic weather.

To prepare for this glorious undertaking, I will surely be driving everyone crazy by playing nothing by mariachi music for the next several days. Ay-Ha!

Upon my return, I will be sure to contact all current customers for an update on their project’s current status and to brag long-windedly about my tan and carnita-filled belly.

Wii Fit w/ Balance Board

Like most folks, I put on a little extra poundage during the holidays and was looking for a good way to trick myself into exercising more. I had recently purchased a Nintendo Wii when a good Black Friday deal presented itself and figured I’d give the Fit and balance board a shot.

I have to say, its worked out quite well. Opposed to summer when I spend my lunch time walking, winter I spend a lot of time right here in front of the computer getting an overwhelming lack of exercise. Not being much of a gym (or motivation) kind of guy, the Wii Fit has been a fun and easy way to force myself into getting a minimum amount of exercise while the weather remains gloomy.

The activities are presented in a fun way that makes it seem less like a workout and more like a game, which is perfect for me. I’m happy to say I’ve lost my holiday weight (and more!), reduced my waistline a bit and have much more energy in the afternoon from using my Fit around 30 minutes a day every day.

Given its not a solution to drop a ton of weight nor will it get you in olympic shape, but if you’re having trouble motivating yourself to lose a few LBS, give the Wii Fit a shot!


James. Tiberius. Kirk.

In an effort to share all the wealth the internet has to offer (and to spoil my productivity for the day), my friend Doug sent me this fine product at the Star Trek online store.

For the discriminating, tasteful, geeky man in your life- Tiberius: cologne for men. A scent reminiscent of the most famous and highly decorated starship captain in Starfleet history.

I have to say I enjoy the description far more than the idea of the product. That’s some fine copy-writing.

most famous and highly decorated starship captain in Starfleet historymost famous and highly decorated starship captain in Starfleet historymost famous and highly decorated starship captain in Starfleet history

After looking for a few quickie gigs via some online community sites and after reading this article on Yahoo! jobs, its hard to believe some people can make a living in this country.

According to that Yahoo! article, half of the lowest paying jobs in america are in the medical profession. They’ll pull your mangled body from your car and resuscitate you back to life and may be doing it for as little as $9 per hour. That’s ridiculous.

I was taken aback by a lot of the designer-developer positions that required degrees and at least a dozen skill-sets that were also booked around the $12-$15 per hour range. How does one pay off that $60k education at $12 / hr? If you spent every dime you earned on it and never took a vacation day, it’d still take almost 3 years.

Kinda makes me wonder where our priorities lie- but we all have to remember: you get what you pay for.

I don’t know if any of you are as big of a dork as I am, but if you are, I’d highly recommend checking out Not only is it a stellar example of visually stunning experimental web design and runs on a freebie open-source store system that I use myself, its a great source for clever and unique gifts for that geek who has everything.

Be it to marvel at how far one can get with CSS styles or to buy something funny and entertaining, I suggest you check them out.

An article posted on Yahoo! tech news sparked my attention today, outlining some information indicating that the CIA is likely to use an open-source software for some of their search indexing. While they did not detail specifics about what would be searched, they did say they would utilize Lucene and Solr search platforms developed by the good folks at Apache (a very popular free platform for web servers).

I’m pleased to see more and more open-source softwares being used in a wider range of applications. Given the largest hold-out for big corporations and government entities is that open-source is lacking in big-business level support, but I think more companies are going to find the flexibility totally out-weighs that aspect.

Way to go, Apache!