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Wordpress 3.3

In their typical yearly fashion, the good folks at released a new version of their brilliant, free to license software yesterday.

Their latest version, 3.3 “Sonny” named after yet another jazz legend, includes a couple new features worth taking a look at: a new interface that’s more geared toward fluid layout for a range of different devices (good news for folks who edit their site on their phone or ‘pad), a new media library that is simpler to use, more thorough in-system help screens, and a small addition for developers that should help me build more flexible sites.

All and all, another great reason to continue using the best open-source content management system!

So, I’ve recently become an addict to some of the new applications and games found on Facebook, and I have to say I’ve been very impressed with a lot of them. Using a mix of PHP, databases, Flash interfaces and access to Facebook’s database API, a number of companies and individuals have rocked out some massively complex games and programs.

A number of my friends and customers have asked me if I develop any aps for either of these devices/websites and up until recently, my answer has been: no. However, I’m posting this to announce that as of this month I’m going to start researching Facebook aps, and will very shortly be obtaining an iPod touch with the notion of developing some aps for it (my iPod finally died after almost 4 years of hard work running my car stereo!).

Stay tuned!