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Good marketing has always been important to any business, but when you’re a start-up, your marketing and your brand can be the difference between success and failure.

To define it: your marketing is the process, means and materials you’re using to connect with your customers and the world to let them know you exist. Your brand is the visual representation of your company; it’s how people recognize that the product / location / advertisement they’re looking at is you and not a competitor. People tend to be more loyal to brands that represent their own values.

Start-up companies often make the mistake of assuming they don’t need to think about branding and marketing and that success is waiting to spill forward as soon as the doors are open and a “we’re open” sign is hung in the window. That’s not always the case.

Today’s online market is way more competitive because quality and loyalty to products and brands already on the market grow every day, and new start-ups are popping up in every conceivable market every minute.

In order to set yourself apart, you need to stand out. You also need to be able to quickly relate your message to your audience. Having a well designed logo, choice of colors, website that works on multiple devices, and written messaging that clearly states your style and mission goes a long way to letting customers know that you desire the same things in a product or service as they do and that you’re the company for them.

This can seem like a truly impossible task if you’ve never had experience with marketing!

Companies that have a strong recognizable brand, and that can continue to draw a crowd online and offline will be the ones who rise, and those who rely on simply being around or cling to an “old school” small audience appeal will quickly fade away.


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Microsoft released their new search engine, Bing, earlier this month and has seen some small improvements as a result. Built off their existing LiveSearch functionality, Bing is essentially a face-lift to their previous search technology (a component of  MSN). This article on Yahoo! Tech gives some statistical breakdowns of the search engine shares. En-brief: Google 60%, Yahoo! 20%, Microsoft 10%.

At this point, I’m not sure how anyone could compete with Google on a reasonable level. Setting a company upon the task of essentially reading and ranking every single piece of written literature on the internet is an amazing task, not to mention the efforts of attacking the extremely solid Google brand. I feel like Google is to the point where its like Coke is to soda- its synonymous with search.

Good luck with that Microsoft, I’m stickin’ with Google.