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Whew! Things have really picked up here over the last few weeks. It seems like quarter 3 ran a bit slow for everyone this year, but now as year end approaches, the frantic fury of new work is spilling in. I’ve started several new business initiatives and company collaborations with lots of great local folks and businesses- one with my father that I think is really going to blow everyone’s socks off.

So far to the end of the year, I’ve booked: 5-6 website designs and layouts, 2-3 branding projects, 2-3 Flash-specific items and maybe a media player or two.  Yay, busy!

That being said if you’re looking to start a web initiative, book it soon! Contact me today for great home-spun company branding, affordable and easy to update websites, animated Flash pieces or any of my other services!

I’m proud to say business is booming this summer! I know I’ve addressed this topic before, but now is the time to be a freelancer. Its nice to have that “busy but not overworked” feeling again. Moreover, its even nicer to be busy and not have the general stress that goes along with working in an office (even though I miss the water-cooler talk).

I’m collaborating with a number of friends and agencies over the next couple of months and, quite honestly, they all kick butt! I’m working with my associates to establish some rockin’ home-grown Flash-based radio stations, my buddies at Mindflint and I are cookin’ up some fun and creative web projects, the folks at GraphikCreative and I knocked out some simple quizzes for Sleep Center of the Rockies, the crew at Barnaby and Associates and  I are about to produce one of my most ambitious WordPress sites, B-Squared Design and I are collaborating on a nice new portfolio site, and my buddy Doug Koke and I have landed some team design projects.

Whew! I’ll have specific updates on each of these projects as soon as they’re to go. Stay tuned!

Also, if you’re looking to contact me for work, I’m probably going to be busy until the middle of July at least- but that doesn’t mean we can’t chat about a future project!