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Mission Landscaping

Contract and layout via associates Byte Technology, the Mission Landscaping site features the awe-inspiring work of Monterey, CA’s expert landscapers.

This full Flash/CSS hybrid site features scalable content and custom slideshows to highlight fantastic hi-resolution photography provided by Mission. Utilizing Flash to display high-res images in this manner allows for their vivid photos to shine no matter what the screen size.

Excellent site- if only I could get paid in Tuscan time-shares…


A collaborative work with up and coming California design firm, enHaus studios, a new CSS/Flash hybrid portfolio site was developed to progress the enHaus brand.

Utilizing provided vector branding, this simple and clean company site expands on the enHaus (the un-agency) renegade brand with a data-driven expandable client portfolio.

Cheers, enHaus!

Earlier this week, my friends – producers of CD quality internet radio “side channels” and I released yet another new version of their Flash online media players. This year, we decided to offer Flash solutions as well as Silverlight in order to cover the broadest market possible (and it actually has slightly higher quality audio).



This iteration includes a fancy schmancy integration with my favourite OpenSource adserver, OpenX. I’ve written a number of PHP/mySQL plugins that alter the ad delivery mechanisms and allow the same demographic statistical tracking as the standard server package. With this in place, our stations are now far easier to upgrade and feature tracking on total unique listeners, number of ad impressions, and ad clickthroughs. This server even features a cost tracking ability which allows them to let their advertising customers literally pay-per-click.

Eventually they’ll even be able to leverage it to sell on-air ad space. Way to find yet another method to get your loyal customers some bucks, guys! Check out some of our new stations on’s listen page.

Contracted through my associates at MindFlint Media, the heavy hitting IT consulting firm RampRate requested some snazzy data-driven Flash items developed for their new site redesign undertaking via the MindFlint crew.


Using XML to drive the data, these simple animated Flash pieces add a nice pop to their new layout and are easily updatable and scalable! Since I’m not involved in the full development of the site, I posted some samples up on my test server for viewing: check out RampRate’s Flash pieces here.