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Burnett & Thomason

Burnett & Thomason is a boutique law-firm after my own style: the national reach and sophisticated experience of a large firm and the personal attention and value of a small boutique. Specializing in oil, gas and mineral law, they have 38 attorneys who represent clients in 8 different states.

This clean custom designed website features a new modern look, practice-representative photography and a custom energy news feed.


Neal McCoy

Country music all-star Neal McCoy and his brand new team at Slate Creek Records partnered with me and my associate Doug Koke at to create a a stylish new website branded around the release of his new album: Pride – A Tribute to Charley Pride.

This fully custom site features: a state-of-the-art custom theme, feeds from multiple social mediums, an automated tour section and a customized theme for Neal’s merch powered by Big Cartel stores.

Wedding Site

I’m ecstatic to announce next year my long time partner in life, Kelly Sinclair, and I will be getting married! Kelly is an expert editor and copywriter and is working on her first novel. We’re both freelancers and often partner on projects.

We’ve selected the new History Colorado museum as our venue and plan to do something fun and classic. This website reflects our vision and features brief info about our date, registry choices and an RSVP section.

Please check up on us as we’ll be adding more info soon!

Mary Chapin Carpenter

Grammy award winner Mary Chapin Carpenter and her management team, Red Light Management, partnered with me and my associate Doug Koke at to create a beautiful new site to match the style of her brand new album – Ashes and Roses.

This fully custom site features: a state-of-the-art custom theme, feeds from multiple social mediums, an automated tour section w/ Google maps, and a custom audio player.

A fabulous new site for an incredibly talented artist!

A topic of much discussion this week, the SOPA or Stop Online Piracy Act, is an unfair solution to a problem we can all agree exists. The U.S. government is currently debating censoring the sharing of intellectual properties owned by the entertainment industry by blocking ANY websites that they believe use their products without their permission with penalties as high as jail time. A tandem act is also being discussed which essentially could allow the government to block access to international sites as they choose. Below is a video explanation of these acts, describing the ACTA initiative – a conceptual global document that outlines SOPA-like bills around the world:

I wholeheartedly agree that online piracy and copyright infringement is an issue that needs to be handled, but policing the entire web and treating us all as if we were criminals is a step too far. I recommend anyone who agrees to check out this list of companies who support SOPA and discontinue your business with them.


Recently, I downloaded and joined Spotify – a streaming music service previously only available in the U.K. A cross between iTunes and Pandora, Spotify: manages your music, allows you to share music either via Facebook or by contacting other users within the community, and gives you instant access to pretty much any streaming music you want.

A slick interface and scaled pricing plans, from free to premium, make Spotify an awesome choice for anyone looking to increase or digitize their music collection. While iTunes may still remain my player of choice for my own vast collection of tunes, Spotify will definitely be along for the ride to provide me with new choices and more variety.

Check ’em out and get in line for a free account (though it comes with banner ads and minor in-stream audio ads).

PharoahMoan Products

When long term friends and work associates Pharoahmoan Productions contacted me to help produce the next phase of their site, I said “of course!”. PMP focus on entertainment marketing within the alternative music community from event planning and venue locating to act booking and DJ resources.

Since our last collaboration took place in 2005, it was far time to give the PMP site a revamp. The new version features a brand new design crafted to meet new markets and screen sizes, an easy-to-update content management system and expandability for future services.

Still a few gaps to fill in, but a fabulous improvement, congrats guys! Check out the case study under my Interactive section.

Since an earlier post I wrote involving the legal crack-down on file sharing network, the Pirate Bay, I’ve been keeping an eye on pertinent music and file share issues to see if there’s been any backlashes. Through the power of RSS I’ve seen a couple notable articles indicating that some independent record labels have actually lowered their prices as a result.

fat-wreckOne particular example I read about on Wednesday was from Fat-Wreckchords, an indie punk-rock label that distributes pretty much everything I listen to. Said label owner “Fat” Mike Burkett, “We just think that having a very low CD price is a fair way for scene supporting music fans to support their favorite independent bands and labels.”. Amen brotha. They’ve lowered their CD prices from the original low low $10 price to $8, determined that nothing on their catalog will cost over $10.

Having read statistics that most people who download music illegally also purchase the most music, I think this move makes sense, as I would imagine a lot of them are hoarders like myself. I think this is a pretty smart move by independents and hope to see more of it.

I was reading this press release regarding Rockband on earlier today and was pretty astounded. Since Atari, Sega and Nintendo I’ve always said video games are the next big entertainment industry and they continue to prove me right.

Now I haven’t played much of the music game genres and can’t completely place my finger on why they’re so popular other than the recent US trend in the last decade to convince every little boy and girl that they want to be a rockstar. I’m not sure how I feel about that aspect of it (whatever happened to sex, drugs and rock n roll?), but I have to say the Rockband games have an amazing track record for breaking barriers for console games:

  • First music game to have downloadable content (this is huge! – used to be entirely PC only options)
  • One of the first cross-console games to offer full compatibility and interoperability between competing peripherals (leading to this whole new era of controllers that look like their objects)
  • One of the first games to be involved in releasing new albums from artists (Judas Priest and Motley Crue)

PC Games still have the towering income from online multiplayer games, but console is definately rising. You may also want to check out this article about the rise in video game revenue in the US, it was a $19 billion market in 2007 and continues to rise,  so start  buyin’ those games and boost the economy!

I recently picked up the new album from Propagandhi – Supporting Cast(e) and have to say its pretty mind-blowing. I’ve been of fan of the liberal Canadian hardcore punk group for awhile and I am constantly impressed with each new addition.



The newest album could best be described as a mix of the last 3 and continues on with the epic hard rock meets seriously sophisticated lyrics. Tackling political issues from general dissidence to animal rights and social inequalities, this album is a monumental political punk achievement.

Go buy it and memorize the lyrics- it could be a life altering experience!