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Conscious Alliance

Excellent customers and fantastic non-profit Conscious Alliance recently partnered with me again to expand their online store. A latest venture in the name of donations for the hungry, the new wing of the store will be geared toward selling a range of clothing and apparel styled to match Conscious Alliance’s “Art that Feeds” motto.

I’m ‘sportin’ the Louie Gong T-shirt! Great gear for a great cause!

Start Talking

The Start Talking Network is a local non-profit organization based in Evergreen Colorado dedicated to helping people “be better” and preventing suicide.

Start Talking Network features a manageable resources directory of local contacts for emergency and non-emergency depression-related treatment, listings and registration for fundraising events and activities, and a simple donate option.

A great site for a great cause! Check out more project details under my Interactive section.

Center for Global Strategies

Another great collaboration between myself and my associates at Mindflint Media was launched today: the Center for Global Strategies. CGS is an organization focused on bringing tolerance, understanding, and proper global economies among different cultures specifically in Africa, East Asia and the Middle East.

This great organization contacted us for a custom design, animated slideshow and map of initiatives and integration into the WordPress content management system for easy updates and blogs entries.

Yet another slick site for another great cause- cheers guys!

This week, I launched a new shopping cart & donation system for my client Conscious Alliance is a charity organization that sells custom concert posters for benefit concerts and puts the profits towards ending world hunger. Great cause!

Contracted to develop a new shopping cart system complete with online-credit card ordering, I utilized AJAX, mySQL and PHP to build a simple ordering system tied to their credit-card gateway along with a easy-to-use management tool to order their posters’ images, pricing and quantities. A system to allow users to make recurring donations according to their own timeframe (monthly, quarterly, etc) was included.

All and all I’m pretty pleased with the results and I hope to see their business boost!