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An article posted on Yahoo! tech news sparked my attention today, outlining some information indicating that the CIA is likely to use an open-source software for some of their search indexing. While they did not detail specifics about what would be searched, they did say they would utilize Lucene and Solr search platforms developed by the good folks at Apache (a very popular free platform for web servers).

I’m pleased to see more and more open-source softwares being used in a wider range of applications. Given the largest hold-out for big corporations and government entities is that open-source is lacking in big-business level support, but I think more companies are going to find the flexibility totally out-weighs that aspect.

Way to go, Apache!

Being a big proponent of OpenSource software, I’ve been using the OpenX ad server platform for many years now. Needless-to-say I was very happy to have recently downloaded and installed their latest release which features some huge improvements to their only shortcoming- the user interface.


OpenX is a free PHP/mySQL software thats fantastic for delivering advertisements for web for pretty much any kind of delivery from small ad tiles on your website or full server functionality (like for media players). Recently implemented on a Flash radio player developed for my buddies at CustomChannels, I’ve found it to be an easily customized and implemented solution for keeping tracking of ads and getting professional level statistics.

If you’re looking for a way to increase revenue to your website or implement a full-scale ad campaign for media delivery, ask me more about OpenX!