Website Design & Development

A website is more than an essential need for any business in modern times – it’s also a lasting investment.

Using years of expertise, project we design and build is made with the intention of fusing function with style: website design that is the peak of professional plus function that is built to last, expand and evolve gracefully.

Whether you’re looking to start fresh or already have an established brand, VectorDefector can assist you in building a custom website catered to your needs. Focusing on usability and a solid foundation of web standards, our websites are: unique, easy-to-update and budget-friendly all-purpose marketing tools. Each website and e-commerce package offers a unique set of options that put you in control of your website content; you never have to wait for your “web guy.” It’s all within your control.

Better than a simple “build-your-own” template, our web industry standard products give you a greater level of control with the same “agency” products for companies seeking high-end quality at an affordable rate.

More importantly, the majority of your investment goes toward the expert hands who assist you every step of the way and who will help you with those make or break decisions regarding style, content, and structure. Our web & design experience ensures your goals are completed on time and on budget.

Let us be your go-to website design team!

Reasons to Choose VectorDefector

  • Our low overhead and experienced freelance partners allow us to offer agency quality products and experience at 1/5 the price.
  • Our past technology and IT industry expertise has enabled us to develop our own proprietary toolsets for designing and building websites which makes our output faster and more effective for search engine optimization and return than competitors who often outsource their designer and developer talent.
  • Our products are specifically designed and developed for a growing business; this model is superior to a generalist “template” that limits unique branding, or the high amount of time and money required to hire an agency.
  • Our payment method is superior to a monthly model: once paid for in 2-4 simple payments, your site is yours forever vs. a monthly model in which your website goes away as soon as you stop paying; our sites require low monthly fees and are easy to maintain in-house.
  • Due to its one-time fee and ability to grow, a highly controllable website offers a greater ROI than traditional advertising methods that rely on one-and-done payments like print ads, radio ads, and list buying/sales call centers.
  • Custom-Tailored Web Applications – have a need specific to your company? Contact us today!

Mobile-Friendly Design

Mobile devices like smart phones and pads are an expanding market. VectorDefector websites work great and look clean on a variety of devices using both “responsive” and “scaling” methods. VectorDefector also offers mobile “tag-along” sites that easily replicate your content in a format specially designed for smart phones and pads. Manage your content through the same easy-to-use interface as your regular website and pick and choose how little or how much information to present for mobile.

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