NFT: Lucky Kitties Collection

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January, 2022

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NFT Generated Collection


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A big set 10,000+ set of unique “lucky kitties” collectables. Hand-drawn vectors. Retro Japanese inspired.

These “Lucky Kittehz” were born out of inspiration by real life collectables from Japan I got when I was a kid, an homage to our cat who passed last year, and a shout-out to the internet’s favorite subject; created for your enjoyment to represent luck, prosperity, and fun!

The Lucky Kittehz collection consists of custom-generated NFTs from hand-drawn SVG layers living on the Ethereum/Polygon blockchain, stored as ERC-721 tokens, hosted on IPFS, and given a non-repeating #ID identifier. 20,000+ unique variations. This set was minted for OpenSea with another 5k+ later on reserve for my own NFT minting site (releasing soon!).

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