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About VectorDefector!

vec-tor   [vek-ter] – noun: an array of data ordered such that individual items can be located with a single index or subscript.

de-fec-tor   [di-fek-ter] – noun: a person who defects from a cause, country, alliance, etc.

Owner, Tom Benway

Owner, Tom Benway

Greetings! You’ve reached the portfolio of Tom Benway: a web developer/designer, graphic designer, and digital marketing expert who specializes in unique solutions for unique businesses. VectorDefector expertly delivers hand-crafted digital solutions such as: vector graphic logo design, design and development for web & mobile, e-commerce and custom apps and much more. I function on some basic fundamental principles: Make it work great and make it look great.

I’m fast, efficient, educated and driven to make the best possible solutions for my customers while maintaining some of the quickest turn-around time in the business.

I look forward to building your grand plan with you!

5 Key Reasons to Partner with VectorDefector

  • Agency quality work at 1/5th the cost; our minimal overhead makes this possible
  • Decades of experience and 100s of satisfied customers
  • Personalized experience geared toward making your unique brand shine
  • Industry standard products put you in charge of your website and SEO
  • Quality web hosting & backups ensure your site never goes down w/ multiple levels of support

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