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How to Create Strong Passwords: Protect Yourself From Hacking

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How to Create Strong Passwords: Protect Yourself From Hacking

As society inches closer and closer to becoming one with the internet, hacking has become a growing concern. Hacking can take many forms, from computer viruses to “spam” or more advanced forms of cyber attacks, such as phishing scams designed to trick you into revealing sensitive personal information. The stakes are high, and the consequences of falling victim to hacking can be devastating.

The Weakest Link: Weak Passwords

Unfortunately, the primary entry point for hackers is often a weak password. With advanced software and computing power at their disposal, hackers can easily crack passwords, gaining access to your sensitive online data, including private personal information and financial records. The solution lies in fortifying your first line of defense: your password.

Building an Unhackable Password

So, how can you create a password that’s virtually uncrackable? Follow these expert tips to safeguard your online security:

1. Length Matters

Aim for a minimum of 12 characters in your password. Yes, it may be harder to remember, but we’ll provide you with some clever tricks to make it more manageable!

2. Mix it Up

Incorporate a diverse mix of numbers, letters, and symbols to make your password as complex as possible. The more characters you use, the more combinations hackers have to iterate through to make a guess.

3. Avoid Dictionary Words

A simple password like “house” or “red house” won’t cut it in today’s digital landscape. Even basic substitutions like “r3d hou$e” can be cracked by modern programs.

4. Let Technology Do the Heavy Lifting

Utilize online password generators like Strong Password Generator to create a secure password for you. This website also provides phonetic memorization ideas to help you remember your password.

5. Pass Phrases: The Secret to Rememberable Security

Create a pass phrase using 6 words or more to maximize length and memorability. For example, “Indiana Jones flies midnight frost wheat”.

6. Combine Symbols and Pass Phrases

Take it to the next level by combining symbols with your pass phrase. For instance, “!indina j0ne$ f7ies m!dnight 7rost w#eat”. The more complex your substitution, the harder it is to guess.

7. Create a Secure Equation

Combine all three elements above to create a secure, easy-to-remember equation. For example, “Yay$Fun==#FamVAca”, which can be remembered as “yay fun money is for hashtag family vacation”.

8. One Password Per Site

Use a unique password phrase for every site you create an account for. The more different, unique passwords you have, the better.

The Ultimate Solution: Password Managers

Due to the rapid advancement of hacking software and computing power, even the most memorable password is still susceptible to hacking. For total security, use complete random passwords created by password generators and store them securely with a password manager software. 

Today, safeguarding your online security begins with creating strong, unique passwords and updating them regularly. By following these tips, you can protect yourself from the ever-present threat of hacking and safeguard your sensitive online data.

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